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The final edited and revised version of Basic Instructions...will be published in a while. That first draft was rough to try to read, I know, with all the errors and such, but forgive me for that. I expect there may not be a ton of people who agree, but I felt like it was an inspired artistic work even in that very very rough and unpolished form and thus, given my somewhat precarious medical future, I wanted to get the basic ideas out as quickly as I could. Having written that, I will likely not finish the story Beacon I mentioned, at least not right away. Basic Instructions...seems to have at least partially resolved the matters that Beacon was planned to address. My next major work to come out will likely be Son of the Morning, essentially my autobiography told in what I believe to be a never-before-explored way. I cannot predict a release date for that at this time.

I am going to bring back the content that was on my site before, but I really want to find someone to help me with an excellent, professional-quality site redesign (e-mail me at mdb@michaeldavidboyd.com if you are interested). When my site goes back up, I don't want to have to spend an inordinate amount of time managing it myself, so I need to find someone to fulfill that role.

Oh, I should mention, the Super Bowl was STRANGE! Maybe its the fact that I haven't really watched it in a few years, but the entire event seemed totally different from what I remember. Very weird. Same's true for a lot of stuff lately. It's almost like I went to sleep, and woke up in another universal timeline where not everything, but a lot of things are different. It seems like the world moved into the future overnight. Totally confused by it, liking it except there is nobody willing to tell me they see it too and everyone I know is sticking to their guns that they know nothing with this Groundhog Day shit. Okey dokey smokey. I ain't going jump off a building to find out what y'all are up to, [DMX Voice]I can tell ya that[/DMX Voice]. Word to David Fincher (or Dale Fellows). I hope we are making a movie.  Every other answer I can think of is not what's happenin'. But then, I'm pretty stupid. I spent half my life talking to girls in bars and the other half growing up a Boyd-Eagleton. Maybe I was just blind to the world before. Forgive me.

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